Mundella's Mundella's creamy yoghurt range

Our range of yoghurts are traditionally pot set with a firm yet creamy texture that sits on your spoon! This range includes a variety of fresh natural & flavoured yoghurts including Greek, Premium, Reduced Fat and we also have a scrumptious range of dessert style yoghurt with delicious fruits.

View our yoghurt range below.

Lifestyle Range Yoghurt

140g Lifestyle Range More on Lifestyle Range Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt groupBro2012 More on Greek Yoghurt

Little Greek Ones

Mundella's Little Greek Ones Yoghurt Range More on Little Greek Ones

Premium Yoghurt

Mundella's Premium Yoghurt Range More on Premium Yoghurt

Reduced Fat Yoghurt

Mundella's Reduced Fat and Fat Free Yoghurt Range More on Reduced Fat Yoghurt