Yogurt – Natures Wonder Food

1 January 2006

Cultured dairy foods, like yogurt, are made by the addition of live starter cultures to milk. These bacterial cultures cause fermentation of lactose (the sugar found naturally in milk), and give yogurt its great taste and aroma.

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Yoghurt Improves gut instincts

1 January 2006

STOMACH ache? Try some yogurt to soothe the pain. Lactobacillus acidophilus, a "friendly" bacterium often found in yogurt and "probiotic" drinks, boosts the synthesis of receptors for opioids and cannabinoids, our natural painkillers, in gut cells.

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Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

1 January 2006

No Greek shopping basket would be complete without Greek yogurt which is a daily staple here, and an essential component of the Greek Mediterranean diet. It has been enjoyed for centuries and was traditionally produced from sheep’s or goats milk, or a blend. Commercially it is now made from cows’ milk. The whey is strained off three times to leave yogurt thick enough to stand your spoon in and is addictively good. Greek yogurt has the laudable claim of being considered one of the healthiest foods in the world.

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